Radio Free Charlotte


William King

Station Manager

E-Mail: | Office Phone: (704) 687-1113 | Cell Phone:


Tanner Blue

Assistant Station Manager

E-Mail: | Office Phone: 704-687-1113


Chris Crews

Program Director

E-Mail: | Office Phone: (704) 687-7142 | Cell Phone: (704) 879-1885


Chris Crews is a senior sociology major from Charlotte. Chris joined student media as a photographer for the Niner Times and became Technical Director the following year, applying his technical skills in addition to passion for photography to Student Media and Radio Free Charlotte. After graduation, Chris plans to continue into Grad school.

Jacqueline Malone

PR Director

E-Mail: | Office Phone: (704) 687-1113 | Office Hours: Wednesdays 1:00 – 4:00 PM


If you ever see me, I’m usually jamming to music while chugging cold brew. I’m majoring in Organizational Communication with a minor in Journalism. Outside of work I am rewatching The Office, sending memes to my squad, or going on an adventure with my friends. I believe it is important to be a positive force in this world and strive every day to thankful and supportive of those around me.


Music Director

E-Mail: | Office Phone: (704) 687-1113